Hanna Espeli-Allen, professionally known as Hanna EA, was born and raised in Miami, Florida to an interracial, multinational family. Her late mother was born and raised in Norway, and her father is African-American
 This fusion of radically different cultures has heavily influenced her photography. Her work tends to explore themes of grief, anxiety, and identity. In 2019, She was a participant of the Young Artist Initiative at the  Institute of Contemporary Art Miami (ICA). This experience allowed her to participate in the YAI Spring 2020 exhibition at the ICA. She has received an Honorable Mention in the Scholastics Art & Writing Awards (2019) and was nominated to participate in the Young Artist Gallery at the Coconut Grove Women's Club.
Hanna currently attend an arts oriented high school with a focus in photography. She plan to study political science & photojournalism at university.
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